We train age groups from children to adults and with various levels of fitness

You don’t have to be fit to do CrossFit; rather you do CrossFit to get fit! CrossFit can be adapted to almost any fitness level. It can also fit for you!

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We show you how to become SUPERFIT through functional (natural) movements

We do not use machines and isolated movements, but make your own body an effective training tool. The body is strengthened by complex exercises as a whole - which ensures quicker success and long-lasting fitness.

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The unique group atmosphere ensures an awesome and fun time during training

We train in small classes led by an experienced coach. This ensures you complete all exercises/techniques safely and properly. Support from the other participants brings an extra motivational kick. Try it out!

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Let yourself be inspired by a completely new training experience. CrossFit is for anyone who wants to improve their fitness level. Get to know it today!

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CrossFit is a training methodology that will completely change your attitude towards health and fitness. It employs functional motions carried out in short, high intensity variable workouts - tailored to your individual requirements! The results are long-lasting, perceptible, and measurable improvements in your health and fitness.



In the Olympic weightlifting course, learning proper technique is an absolute requirement! In addition to classic exercises, such as Snatch and Clean & Jerk, you work on exercises that improve your technique and increase your progress. The Olympic weightlifting course trains the body to work as one unit, is highly coordinated, and is a prerequisite for comprehensive fitness in CrossFit.



The goal of Gymnastics class is to achieve basic strength and stability using one's own bodyweight. This is the basis for all further exercises and assists in learning more complex, technical movements. In this class, for example, you can learn about and improve on pull-ups, muscle-ups, dips, handstand push-ups and more, as well as the fundamentals of basic gymnastic elements.



Mobility and flexibility are limiting factors for many people, whether tying one’s shoes or bending one’s knees during sports. Increased mobility helps improve quality of movement, thus also performance. Muscle and joint, as well as myofascial chains have to be "mobilized" in a multidimensional manner, since adhesions, matrices and blockages have an enormous impact on the scope of movement and performance - these must be optimized.






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Danke nochmals - ich fühl mich echt super gut und mein Herz sagt mir total dass ich endlich mein Sport und dir Community gefunden hab die ich brauch!


Die BB in Eigenregie in zwei Wochen aus dem Boden zu stampfen, spricht meiner Meinung nach fьr einen guten Teamgeist!!! Hier zeigt sich doch Teamgeist und Teamspirit. Wirkliche Freunde sind es idR. die Hand anlegen! Hier trennt sich die Spreu vom Weizen!!! Und das ist der Grundstein fьr ein gemeinsames „wir“!